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Butane hash oil, or BHO, a new curve on an old drug, is finding its way for use by teens, and becoming more and more popular.


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Heroin use in America is significantly rising, especially in rural areas. With an ample supply of heroin, and prescription narcotics much costlier to obtain as well as acquire, it isn’t any wonder.

Heroin overdoses in the Washtenaw County area have numbered 8 persons within two days time, including one who died.

Michigan voters in 2008 elected to legalize marijuana for medical purposes, but as of January 10, 2013 the state is no closer to sorting the legal mess out created since then.

War on drugs a failure, U.S. government now after medical marijuana.

State representative Thomas Stallworth recently announced that he will be donating the remainder of children’s hats and gloves from his recent giveaway to the Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries, (DRMM).

Medical marijuana patients and providers under federal assault.

Appetite for salt linked to drug addiction.

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