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Grand Rapids, MI medical marijuana dispensaries are on the radar blip for law enforcement after the Michigan Supreme Court ruled them illegal.


A Michigan lawmaker is planning to quickly introduce a bill to legalize medical marijuana dispensaries to counter a Michigan Supreme Court, (MSC), ruling outlawing them.

The Michigan Supreme Court threw medical marijuana dispensaries back into the Stone Age with its 4-1 decision Friday, 2-8-2013.

Medical marijuana tax revenues brought $10 million in to state government coffers in 2012 according to a report covering the last budget year ending on Sept. 30.

Michigan voters in 2008 elected to legalize marijuana for medical purposes, but as of January 10, 2013 the state is no closer to sorting the legal mess out created since then.

War on drugs a failure, U.S. government now after medical marijuana.

The Michigan Court of Appeals ruled on Wednesday, April 17th, 2012 saying the medical marijuana law does not shield a person driving impaired.

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Medical marijuana patients and providers under federal assault.

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