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Marijuana is still a major target for the War on Drugs despite conservatives who would like you to believe harder drugs like heroin, and cocaine are the driving forces.

Marijuana still major target for big government programs.


Marijuana raid yields 7000 plants in Lenawee County, MI – Detroit substance abuse |



Marijuana grow sites on Michigan State Police hit list – Detroit substance abuse |

Should marijuana be legalized outright, or not.

Marijuana found in boat being towed in Ann Arbor, driver busted – Detroit substance abuse |

T-shirts say, “Run Johnny, Run,” but federal authorities are unable to locate the Sultan of Smoke, John Robert Boone, 67, who is wanted for a 2008 raid on his marijuana farm where the elusive entrepreneur was growing 2,400 plants in Springfield, Kentucky

Prince of Pot eludes federal authorties – Detroit substance abuse |

Ferndale, MI man gets busted with 150 marijuana, and handgun. His dog starts the ball rolling.

Marijuana plants found growing in home as owner sleeps on couch – Detroit substance abuse |

Marijuana growers in south eastern British Columbia used black bears to guard the farm, bu that didn’t stop Canadian police from raiding the place in a recent bust.What may be a first, however, in guard tactics for a crop of pot, is the use of 14 black bears patrolling the farm to scare away marijuana thieves.

via Marijuana growers in Canada used black bears to guard the farm – Detroit substance abuse |

Medical marijuana dispensary may open in Royal Oak, MI if a request is granted for an exemption on a moratorium to open such a business. The Commish, however, is worried about the criminal element turning the city into the wild, wild west.

Medical marijuana on Main Street in Royal Oak.

Westland, MI city council closing off avenues for opening up medical marijuana dispensaries citing law enforcement concerns.

With all the different laws and ordinances being passed in Michigan communities about pot, it’s going to be a zoo over here.

Medical marijuana dispensaries, not in Westland.