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The city of Philadelphia saw at least 28 overdose deaths from a combination of fentanyl-laced heroin over a period of approximately 47 days in March and April 2014. That may not be all the overdose deaths attributed to the powerful drug combo as 7 more autopsies are awaiting toxicology reports.


Some in the field of drug addiction are saying the U.S. government’s fight against prescription drug abuse may be causing the rise in heroin use.


These kids just don’t have a clue. Parents can be just as blind. It’s so sad and unnecessary.

Heroin just keeps cutting young kids down – Detroit substance abuse |

The Detroit Boys were arrested is a sweep for allegedly selling drugs in Ohio. Officials found crack cocaine and heroin with a high purity level.

The heroin was being sold as Fentanyl, a powerful narcotic painkiller, in colored paper folds. However, there was no Fentanyl in the mix. It was high-grade heroin mixed with other drugs.

The drug has been linked to several overdose deaths in the Wood County, Ohio area.

Gang called The Detroit Boys busted for allegedly selling crack cocaine, and powerful heroin.