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Holiday celebrations such as reigning in the New Year with beers, liquors, wines, and/or illicit drugs will undoubtedly take place this evening. For many they will have a great time and party well into the early morning hours of January 1st, 2015. Unfortunately, these celebrations can also have a dark side when persons drink alcohol, and/or use illicit


The “Drunk Driving, Over The Limit, Under Arrest” campaign enforced July 1st through the 8th saw many arrests on Michigan’s roads.

April has been known as Alcohol Awareness Month for 25 years now, and has not lost any of its relevance now as well as in the coming years.

December marks National Drunk and Drugged Driving Prevention Month, and is an appropriate time to highlight the problem because of the holidays celebrated during this time.

National Drunk and Drugged Driving Prevention Month – Detroit substance abuse |

Have a safe holiday guys, and help in any way you can in recovery month. If you have a drug problem, get help man, it just isn’t worth the pain, anguish, misery, and possibly your life if you keep it up.

Labor Day, and September recovery month hopefully team up as safe occasions – Detroit substance abuse |

Drunk drivers beware, police agencies across the state will be cracking down on intoxicated motorists in Michigan according to the Michigan Office of Highway Safety Planning 8-16-2010.

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Drunk drivers will face stiffer penalties come October 31, 2010 when a new “Super Drunk” law goes into effect. according to attorney Timothy P. Flynn on 8-14-2010.Super drunks are those people with high tolerances for alcohol, or binge-drinkers, and there are many of them traveling Michigan, and America’s roads 24/7/365. In some of their wakes, tragedies abound.

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