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A portable method for detecting synthetic substances such as bath salts, is being developed by scientists in the U.K.


The first opioid overdose treatment device designed to be administered by family members, or caregivers was approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on April 3, 2014.


Some in the field of drug addiction are saying the U.S. government’s fight against prescription drug abuse may be causing the rise in heroin use.


Heroin overdoses in the Washtenaw County area have numbered 8 persons within two days time, including one who died.


Amy Winehouse bought heroin and crack cocaine claims London fixer.

Amy Winehouse found dead at an address in Camden Square.

Appetite for salt linked to drug addiction.

This does not surprise me, and is part of the problem.  Although if someone wants to get these drugs they will one way or the other. But monitoring more closely may help reduce the risk of creating new addicts instead of just dependency.

Doctors lax in monitoring patients on addicting drugs – Detroit substance abuse |

Man with golden voice off to rehab. And he certainly needed it if you were observant enough to notice. Happy for him that he has taken this step.

Ted Golden Voice Williams heading to rehab – Detroit substance abuse |