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A portable method for detecting synthetic substances such as bath salts, is being developed by scientists in the U.K.


The first opioid overdose treatment device designed to be administered by family members, or caregivers was approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on April 3, 2014.


Drug overdose deaths rise for 11th consecutive year

Drug overdoses have risen for the 11th consecutive year according to the National Center for Health Statistics.

Amy Winehouse died from consuming too much alcohol.


Amy Winehouse bought heroin and crack cocaine claims London fixer.

Amy Winehouse found dead at an address in Camden Square.

Some prescription opioid drugs of abuse for your information.

Substance Abuse Treatment 101: Prescription opioid drugs of abuse – Detroit substance abuse |

This girl doesn’t have a clue about what she is doing to her life. There will come a point in her life when that money won’t mean crap. Like when she’s dead from an overdose screwing around with cocaine. She could be such a great role model, but she continues to ruin her life.

Paris Hilton cocaine bust, just another day in the life of – Detroit substance abuse |