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Synthetic human growth hormone, hGH, abuse has more than doubled in teens since 2012, a significant increase in the reported lifetime use of that substance.

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National Medicine Abuse Awareness Month.

Every month should be alcohol awareness month.

April is Alcohol Awareness Month – Detroit substance abuse |

This does not surprise me, and is part of the problem.  Although if someone wants to get these drugs they will one way or the other. But monitoring more closely may help reduce the risk of creating new addicts instead of just dependency.

Doctors lax in monitoring patients on addicting drugs – Detroit substance abuse |

These kids just don’t have a clue. Parents can be just as blind. It’s so sad and unnecessary.

Heroin just keeps cutting young kids down – Detroit substance abuse |

A bath salt sold in some stores across the country is making it’s own tsunami party with teens, and adults alike, and it’s called Ivory Wave.

Researchers at McLean Hospital in Boston, in a small study, have suggested that teens who smoke marijuana before the age of 16 have a higher risk of long-term brain damage than those who start later in life.

Marijuana and teen brains don’t mix suggests a study – Detroit substance abuse |

A chance for teens to engage, and learn about drugs and drug abuse is coming November 8th. Get the information in my article, and links to the activities. Thanks for reading guys. Coming in my next article is a study that was done about teens hyper-texting and hyper-networking , and what it may cause, or be a sign of.

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An energy drink containing alcohol has been implicated in the rape of a 14 year old Melvindale, MI girl according to 10-28-2010.

Energy drink implicated in alleged rape of 14 year old girl – Detroit substance abuse |

Is marijuana addictive? Marijuana is a physically, and mentally addictive substance that ruins lives, makes people lazy, hungry and only losers smoke the stuff. The last part of that statement is one of many comments some people actually believe, and usually gets people so heated up they morph into keyboard gangsters, and hurl insults at each other through cyberspace. Here’s my latest article guys.

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