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MDMB, another designer drug to worry about?


A portable method for detecting synthetic substances such as bath salts, is being developed by scientists in the U.K.

Synthetic human growth hormone, hGH, abuse has more than doubled in teens since 2012, a significant increase in the reported lifetime use of that substance.

Link is here Detroit Substance Abuse Examiner

The Drug Enforcement Administration, (DEA), has scheduled another National Prescription Drug Take-Back-Day this weekend.

National Prescription Drug Take Back Day coming.

Coming to Belle Isle in Detroit.

The 12th Annual Recovery Walk and Rally coming in September.

War on drugs a failure, U.S. government now after medical marijuana.

The Michigan Court of Appeals ruled on Wednesday, April 17th, 2012 saying the medical marijuana law does not shield a person driving impaired.

Marijuana Amendment in Michigan would end debate over medical use – Detroit substance abuse |

Medical marijuana still on federal government’s hit list.

Medical marijuana patients and providers under federal assault.