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CVS to offer Narcan an antidote to opiate overdoses.

Narcan antidote to be offered by CVS.


A mental health, and substance abuse treatment facility is scheduled to open in early 2013 adding much needed services in the city of Detroit.

Mental health and substance abuse treatment facility to open in Detroit.

The following is from a gentleman in recovery who has devoted his whole life to helping others, especially those involved in drug abuse/addiction.

His name is Patrick Dieter, CDP, CADC II, BHT, and he hails from Madison, WI. Patrick is also in recovery from drug addiction, and has been around the block more than a few times.

Is our approach to drug abuse and addiction all wrong?.

Coming to Belle Isle in Detroit.

The 12th Annual Recovery Walk and Rally coming in September.

Ted Williams has decided to leave drug treatment and is headed back to who knows where.

Ted Golden Throat Williams has left the building – Detroit substance abuse |

Man with golden voice off to rehab. And he certainly needed it if you were observant enough to notice. Happy for him that he has taken this step.

Ted Golden Voice Williams heading to rehab – Detroit substance abuse |

$1,100 per injection once a month. Naltrexone, or Vivitrol as its brand name, is injected once a month and is said to help in the prevention of relapses.

FDA approves Vivitrol to treat opioid dependence – Detroit substance abuse |

Mental health care transformation grants awarded by SAMHSA – Detroit substance abuse |

Drug treatment facilities SEMCA deal with when sending clients to drug treatment. Please do not try to contact the treatment facilities listed in the article because you will just be told to contact SEMCA. If you have medical insurance, you can still contact SEMCA for assistance in finding the right treatment center for either you, or a loved one.

Substance Abuse Treatment 101: Who does SEMCA coordinate with for drug treatment – Detroit substance abuse |

Parents need to take the lead in teaching their kids about drug abuse, and know the signs of it if they are to catch the problem early before something very tragic occurs, like an overdose death.

Would you know if your child is experimenting with drugs? – Detroit substance abuse |