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MDMB, another designer drug to worry about?

Websites selling illegal synthetic substances to dealers could be putting these chemicals in the drugs you are abusing and you would never know, such as in heroin, cocaine, etc.

A portable method for detecting synthetic substances such as bath salts, is being developed by scientists in the U.K.

Synthetic human growth hormone, hGH, abuse has more than doubled in teens since 2012, a significant increase in the reported lifetime use of that substance.

Link is here Detroit Substance Abuse Examiner

The following is from a gentleman in recovery who has devoted his whole life to helping others, especially those involved in drug abuse/addiction.

His name is Patrick Dieter, CDP, CADC II, BHT, and he hails from Madison, WI. Patrick is also in recovery from drug addiction, and has been around the block more than a few times.

Is our approach to drug abuse and addiction all wrong?.

War on drugs a failure, U.S. government now after medical marijuana.

Red Ribbon Week: The oldest and largest drug prevention program in America.




Drug abuse equals child obesity as top health concern.

A national poll on children’s health conducted by the University of Michigan C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital released 8-15-2011 found that adults rank drug abuse , and childhood obesity as top health concerns for children.

Amy Winehouse bought heroin and crack cocaine claims London fixer.

Marijuana raid yields 7000 plants in Lenawee County, MI – Detroit substance abuse |