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Ted Williams has decided to leave drug treatment and is headed back to who knows where.

Ted Golden Throat Williams has left the building – Detroit substance abuse |


Meatheads! They just don’t get it.

Medical marijuana in Royal Oak takes a smoking hit from officials – Detroit substance abuse |

A bath salt sold in some stores across the country is making it’s own tsunami party with teens, and adults alike, and it’s called Ivory Wave.

Rockstar Superstar Project, RSSS, delivers more than just music. They are playing, and speaking their way into the hearts, and minds of young people with a message about drug abuse.

Rockstar Superstar Project: Drug abuse education rock & roll style – Detroit substance abuse |

Man with golden voice off to rehab. And he certainly needed it if you were observant enough to notice. Happy for him that he has taken this step.

Ted Golden Voice Williams heading to rehab – Detroit substance abuse |

Past alcohol consumption detected by new tests using hair and fingernails – Detroit substance abuse |

Michael Jackson’s doctor, Conrad Murray, is scheduled for a court hearing Tuesday, 1-4-2010, to determine whether he is responsible for the superstar’s death in June 2009.

Michael Jackson’s doctor in court to face manslaughter charges – Detroit substance abuse |