National Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Month in September

Posted: August 12, 2010 in Addiction, Alcohol, Chemical Dependency, Crime, Drug Abuse, Drug addiction, drug crimes, Health, Healthcare

Included a video in this article I just wrote about drunk driving. It is very popular, and put out by TAC Communications. It is graphic, and will tug at your heart-strings for sure.

With the National Alcohol & Drug Addiction Recovery Month coming in September, I thought it would be fitting to show this video again. Please pass this one on guys.

National Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Month in September.

  1. Sonia Carcamo says:

    Hi there!!

    My son 19 years old…A year finished High Scool and drop off college…lies, violent,late every niht @ home, sleeps all day…lough, agressive, violent. Care less in everything, procastiner, hides trust, nobody knows where he is or what he does, etc. He doesn’s lisent,he is alway busy in the phone, he has to go…where? God know where he goes or what he does???
    I am frustrated mon, praying God for his change, desparated mon needs help…Thanks,

    • crashtestaddict says:

      Sonia, I am very sorry to hear about your son, and the problems you, and he are having. It is obvious to me that he is either abusing drugs, and/or is addicted to them. With his behavior, it could possibly be cocaine related, like crack, or even methamphetamines. Try talking to him about getting help, but don’t turn it into an arguing session, or exchange hostilities toward one another. It only makes matters worse. You on the other hand, must not enable him, by giving him money, or things that would make it easier for him to use more drugs.

      Your son obviously needs help, but must go into a treatment center. His anger, and hostilities are just symptoms of a much deeper problem within him, and he will destroy himself if he keeps it up. I know how you feel, and the desperation shows in your comments to me. But you must try and convince him that he needs help. I wrote an article with a letter in it that parents can give to their children, or loved one about drug addiction, and what it did to me. The name of the article is Substance abuse, a letter of hope, and the link to it is: Give it to him by printing it out, or let him read it online if you can get him to do so. The best way is to copy it to paper and then give it to him. It may persuade him to change the course his life is taking.

      I wish you the best Sonia. Let me know what happens.

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