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This girl doesn’t have a clue about what she is doing to her life. There will come a point in her life when that money won’t mean crap. Like when she’s dead from an overdose screwing around with cocaine. She could be such a great role model, but she continues to ruin her life.

Paris Hilton cocaine bust, just another day in the life of – Detroit substance abuse |


A medical marijuana dispensary was busted by the Oakland County sheriff’s Narcotics Enforcement Team, (NET), in Ferndale Wednesday night 8-24-2010.

Medical marijuana dispensary busted in Ferndale – Detroit substance abuse |

NASCAR Nationwide Series former winner Randy LaJoie was reinstated  to competition after completing a suspension, and substance abuse treatment, reported August 25, 2010.

Randy LaJoie reinstated by NASCAR after completing drug treatment – Detroit substance abuse |

Marijuana growers in south eastern British Columbia used black bears to guard the farm, bu that didn’t stop Canadian police from raiding the place in a recent bust.What may be a first, however, in guard tactics for a crop of pot, is the use of 14 black bears patrolling the farm to scare away marijuana thieves.

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Drunk drivers beware, police agencies across the state will be cracking down on intoxicated motorists in Michigan according to the Michigan Office of Highway Safety Planning 8-16-2010.

via Crackdown on drunk drivers begins Thursday in Michigan – Detroit substance abuse |

Drunk drivers will face stiffer penalties come October 31, 2010 when a new “Super Drunk” law goes into effect. according to attorney Timothy P. Flynn on 8-14-2010.Super drunks are those people with high tolerances for alcohol, or binge-drinkers, and there are many of them traveling Michigan, and America’s roads 24/7/365. In some of their wakes, tragedies abound.

via Super drunk drivers face stiffer penalties starting October 31, 2010 – Detroit substance abuse |

Included a video in this article I just wrote about drunk driving. It is very popular, and put out by TAC Communications. It is graphic, and will tug at your heart-strings for sure.

With the National Alcohol & Drug Addiction Recovery Month coming in September, I thought it would be fitting to show this video again. Please pass this one on guys.

National Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Month in September.

Had to republish this article folks because of a problem with the URL.

Medical marijuana on Main Street in Royal, probably not.

Medical marijuana dispensary may open in Royal Oak, MI if a request is granted for an exemption on a moratorium to open such a business. The Commish, however, is worried about the criminal element turning the city into the wild, wild west.

Medical marijuana on Main Street in Royal Oak.

Marijuana metabolites in the body are not sufficient for a conviction of drugged driving to stand, among other circumstances according to a ruling by the Michigan Supreme Court recently.

via Marijuana metabolites in the body insufficient for conviction of drugged driving.