Medical marijuana dispensaries, not in Westland

Posted: July 24, 2010 in Health, Healthcare, marijuana
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Westland, MI city council closing off avenues for opening up medical marijuana dispensaries citing law enforcement concerns.

With all the different laws and ordinances being passed in Michigan communities about pot, it’s going to be a zoo over here.

Medical marijuana dispensaries, not in Westland.

  1. crashtestaddict says:

    Sorry about the length between posts, but I have been chasing people down on the Internet that keep stealing my articles, and they are all different websites. It takes time to do this, and then send the necessary communications to get them removed, or at least reduced to “fair usage” under the DMCA.

    I should be flattered that people would want them, but all they have to do is ask for permission, and I would give it. My god, what are people thinking?

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