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Cannabis convention at the Silverdome to take place in October. It will be the largest event of its kind in the midwest.

Hopefully things turn out ok, because users of medical marijuana need guidance, and information, and so do the persons that would like to be licensed growers of it.

Attendance is expected to be very high. Please see article on Examiner.

Silverdome to host The 1st International Cannabis Convention.

Westland, MI city council closing off avenues for opening up medical marijuana dispensaries citing law enforcement concerns.

With all the different laws and ordinances being passed in Michigan communities about pot, it’s going to be a zoo over here.

Medical marijuana dispensaries, not in Westland.

The Detroit Boys were arrested is a sweep for allegedly selling drugs in Ohio. Officials found crack cocaine and heroin with a high purity level.

The heroin was being sold as Fentanyl, a powerful narcotic painkiller, in colored paper folds. However, there was no Fentanyl in the mix. It was high-grade heroin mixed with other drugs.

The drug has been linked to several overdose deaths in the Wood County, Ohio area.

Gang called The Detroit Boys busted for allegedly selling crack cocaine, and powerful heroin.

Livingston County HEMP unit discovers marijuana plants growing there. Arrests likely after the substance is verified. No suspects arrested.

Is this a colossal waste of money, and manpower to fly helicopters looking for pot? Well, HEMP, an organization funded by the federal government, is doing just that. The suppression/eradication of marijuana plant programs are active in all 50 states, and the fed’s fund them.

Marijuana discovery in Livingston County nets 500 plants.

Treatment-resistant PTSD is used in study with favorable results.

Researchers treat PTSD with Ecstasy-assisted psychotherapy.

If the owner of the warehouse gets his way, Michigan may see a facility used strictly for growing medical marijuana.

If pot were legalized outright, we wouldn’t need to be going through this stuff, and wasting resources. Although this is a good start, we can do better.

What do you think? Please visit my Examiner page to comment.

Marijuana growing warehouse possible in Royal Oak.

Not sure if Lohan deserved to go to jail, but I do think she needs long term drug treatment. Just published my latest article on Examiner.

Lindsay Lohan sentenced to 90 days in jail.

Another great gone. Was Probert’s death linked to his past lifestyle of alcohol, and cocaine addiction, or was his death premature as the result of genetics. His father died at 41 of a heart attack.

Bob Probert, former Red Wing, dead.