Link to my article on Examiner about Woodstock anniversary.

  1. Realitysurfer says:

    Please take a moment to check out my new LSD Documentary film.

    .please post

    Features the CIA LSD Brothel in San Francisco (MK ULTRA), Groucho Marx’s LSD Trip….Doc Ellis pitches his no-hitter while high.

    Tim Leary’s Miricle of Good friday Experiment is explored with one of the original PREACHERS who took part.

    LSD and the Protest Movement, JFK & LSD plus more.

    All posted for free at this youtube link..please share this knowledge.

    • crashtestaddict says:

      Realitysurfer: I had many, many, many acid trips back in the late 60’s. About 3 times a week for a year, and I can tell you that I only had one bad trip that scared the hell out of me and it involved these big giant springs on a gas station lift door, and my buddies talking what appeared to be backwards. They told me I went into the corner of the garage and curled up in a fetal position. But before that I was freaking out. Other than that, my Peter Max posters used to come alive with my black light and strobe when I cam home at night to my bedroom. I could never do it today because I have way too much baggage inside me now. I’d lose my mind for sure. Watched the video, and am well aware of the covert tests on unsuspecting citizens, and other nefarious activities. Very good documentary. I am going to include it on my website. But I still have it under construction but it is published. Working on it a little at a time. Peace

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