Holiday celebrations such as reigning in the New Year with beers, liquors, wines, and/or illicit drugs will undoubtedly take place this evening. For many they will have a great time and party well into the early morning hours of January 1st, 2015. Unfortunately, these celebrations can also have a dark side when persons drink alcohol, and/or use illicit

Neonatal abstinence syndrome, NAS, is occurring more frequently in the U.S. and the condition does not just effect the baby.

MDMB, another designer drug to worry about?

Websites selling illegal synthetic substances to dealers could be putting these chemicals in the drugs you are abusing and you would never know, such as in heroin, cocaine, etc.

A portable method for detecting synthetic substances such as bath salts, is being developed by scientists in the U.K.

CVS to offer Narcan an antidote to opiate overdoses.

Narcan antidote to be offered by CVS.

Synthetic human growth hormone, hGH, abuse has more than doubled in teens since 2012, a significant increase in the reported lifetime use of that substance.

Link is here Detroit Substance Abuse Examiner

The U.S. Justice Department is urging the U.S. Sentencing Commission to adopt a proposal under consideration to reduce the sentences of certain drug offenders serving time in the federal penal system, Attorney General Eric Holder announced recently.

The city of Philadelphia saw at least 28 overdose deaths from a combination of fentanyl-laced heroin over a period of approximately 47 days in March and April 2014. That may not be all the overdose deaths attributed to the powerful drug combo as 7 more autopsies are awaiting toxicology reports.

The first opioid overdose treatment device designed to be administered by family members, or caregivers was approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on April 3, 2014.